Change this one letter, change the world

I had a dream last night that there was this document that had gone viral.  Millions of people had been sharing it – on facebook, youtube, twitter.

Somehow, in my inbox one morning, I received what seemed to be the original document, which appeared to have been altered before it was sent out on social media.

I looked at the margin of the document, and saw that it had been cut off because it contained this one word.  And throughout the document, this same word had been changed every time by adding a letter.

The word was “Our”.  Not the regular use of the word ‘our’ as in our citizens versus yours.  This was Our with a capital O, and it was a word that eliminated any other possessive adjectives.   The letter that had been added throughout the document was a ‘y’, to make all the ‘ours’ change into ‘yours’… as in ‘your problem’, ‘your economy’, etc.

The message of the original document had been designed to enlighten humanity…  to wake people up to the message of separation that is being spread like a virus.  In the dream, the original message had been seized by certain powers in the world – unnamed – that knew it would lead to revolution if people truly understood the use of the word Our with a capital O.  The original document was meant to show us how each time we complain about ‘them’, we are complaining about an illusion… that for every single problem in the world that we see, we are merely seeing a reflection of Us.  Every single behavior we can’t stand in another person is merely a reflection of what we can’t stand in Ourselves.  Every pain and sorrow we see in others, is actually Ours.

But because we constantly spread these altered images of ‘us versus them’, we get repulsed by others’ problems.  We hate them for it.  We hate them for having problems because we think their problems cause ours.  And we hate them for it because deep down, we think – they should know better.  And they should fix it.

But if there was no possibility to use the word “their” or “they”, and the only possibility was to use the word “Our”… we wouldn’t be able to turn away anymore.  We would need to face Our problems.  It would force us to see that every single tension, aggression, indifference, depression that happens in the world is a reflection of all of Our thoughts and actions.  We would see that every time we have a hateful, judging thought against anyone, it triggers a ripple effect around us that spreads like a disease.  We may not realize how much those judging thoughts affect everything else, but they seep in to how we view the world, and this affects what we choose to do, or not do, about the issues we see that anger us.

To face Our role in everything we see happening in the world is too overwhelming for most of us. The golden rule of ‘do unto others as we would do ourselves’ has become blurry because we have not yet learned to accept ourselves, and so we don’t know how to treat ourselves without harshness.  Every judgment we make about those around us is reflecting back to us the parts of ourselves we have not yet embraced.  Every hateful word we feel about someone else is a word we are actually feeling about ourselves.   And because we are so angry at our own mistakes, and we feel we are unforgiven by whatever authority we believe exists over us, we do the thing that we believe is going to make us feel better:  blame someone else.  Anyone else…. ‘our’ economy is bad because of insert name of a group of people outside of ‘us’.  My dreams are not coming true because insert name of someone else didn’t love me the way I needed to be loved. The world is in a terrible state because insert name of a religious group, generation, country.

The document was altered because it explained the power of using the word Our in a way that has never been done before – that our brains cannot even comprehend:   Our – without a ‘their’.  ‘Us’ without a ‘them’.  Our world is obsessed with stories and incidents where we can make one person or group into a ‘villain’ and the other a ‘hero’, where the hero must destroy the villain, rather than look at how both parties contribute to the world the villain is so desperate to ruin.  It all starts on a personal level, with every judgment and action.  The next time you see someone – anyone, be it in another part of the world, or someone in your family – notice whether you are inserting a ‘y’ immediately in front of the ‘our’ to make it feel less like there is any role you play in that scenario.

Because at the end of the dream, it was revealed that it wasn’t some unnamed authority that removed the word Our – that document went ‘viral’ because people shared it to give them the false sense of relief that comes from judging and blaming others for the state of the world, the state of our relationships, instead of looking at Ourselves and the role We all play in All of it.

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