people are either obstacles or agents

we either see people as ‘obstacles’, as outside forces that can thwart us.

or we see them as agents – as catalysts that can spark our growth.

when i say agent, i am talking about the use of the word as it is used chemically.  as in for example laundry soap.

the agent there is one that breaks up the surface of the water so that it can allow the entry of the soap properties.

without this agent, the surface of the water is impermeable to change.

that is how we can view every single person on this planet.
as an agent.
as a teacher who pushes and prods us into allowing our external surface to dissolve – so that our awareness becomes more permeable to the energy and wisdom that is flowing through us.

each person triggers a new set of reactions within us. and these reactions lead to new desires. all of these are like chemical reactions, which then lead to more reactions – almost as though we are are a substance that is ‘chemically’ reacting to the medium of the universe .

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